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  1. Scrapwood Fort


Scrap Wood Fort (by Joe)

Back in ‘63
Pete and Lou and Jimmy and me
Spent our summer days
Out along the railroad yard
We were 9 going on 10
And we’d never have this summer again
So we made the most
Of what time we had

Scrap wood fort
Where we spent our summer days
Watching freight trains run past
As we wiled our time away
Scrap wood fort
Where we spent our summer nights
Gazing at the stars above
Wishing things would turn out right
Scrap wood fort

Out behind a billboard
Along the railroad ties
We planned to build a fort
That would be our place to hide
We found splintered 2 x 8’s
From abandoned cargo crates
And topped the structure off
With some old rusty tin plate


A place to hide from mean streets
And plot our life’s escape
Talked of what we’d be one day
And how we’d meet our fate
Lou, he dreamed of being a cop
Pete, a Navy Seal
Jimmy was a gambler
Always looking for a deal

Pete and Lou are gone now
Both died in a foreign war
Jimmy just disappeared
I don’t hear from him no more
As I think back to that time
And what it meant to me
I wish I had that scrap wood fort
To hold and shelter me