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  1. Song for Eleanor


Song for Eleanor (by Joe)

Don’t let life pass you by,
Don’t cry and try to hide
‘Cause the road ahead is long and wide

Just grab your dancing shoes
And kick away those blues
‘Cause you’ve just begun to hit your stride

Rise up from your chair
Get out and smell the air
The wonders of the earth, they still abound

Fight that urge to sleep
You’ve got promises to keep
And the world’s a better place when you’re around

Forget your aches and pains
And the stiffness when it rains
Stretch your wings and try to fly

If you give it all you got
You’ll find, that more than not
It’s not so hard to reach the sky

Ignore life’s many scars
And thank your lucky stars
For those around you who really care

Reach out with all your heart
It’s never too late to start
You might just find that love is waiting there