Wrong End of the Rainbow (by Joe)

I was born at the wrong end of the rainbow
In a two room flat without a pot of gold
It took a while to figure out
What this life is all about
But I think I've got it down
Since I’ve grown old

They say that youth is wasted on the young
They say that you must finish all you’ve begun
But my life was fits and starts
A trail of broken hearts
Till I found you
At the setting of my sun

Ch: It’s never too late
To say that you are sorry
It’s never too late
To say that you are wrong
If you tell it from the heart
Tell it all and not just part
Then you won’t have to write it in a song

Call out the fools and cynics as you grow old
Welcome lost friends back into the fold
And if you put away your pride
And come out from where you hide
It won’t be hard to find that pot of gold