About Lark Rize


"Thoughtful and insightful".   “I could sit and listen to their music for hours”. 

This is how many have described the music of Lark Rize.  And perhaps this speaks to the feelings the music of Lark Rize engenders  – a feeling of comfort
and ease, a place where anyone can discover something, be it a point of view, a sentiment, a voice, or a story.   Which is just as well since Lark Rize – made up by husband and wife team, Joe and Elena - was born out of the simple love of music and their desire to embark on a journey where creating and sharing music are its hallmarks.  

A dabbler in acoustic and classical guitar, and a recent convert to the bass, Elena’s rhythm provides a firm base for their musical interpretations and her unaffected voice reflects a sensitivity that is genuine and unassuming.   An accomplished banjo player in his own right and long-time bluegrass band member in the Washington area, Joe’s mellow tenor voice, improvisational guitar breaks and easy style superbly enrich their combined musical interpretations.   Together, their voices blend effortlessly resulting in a harmonious and pleasing sound that is frequently complimented.

While musical pursuits have always played a role in each of their lives, it was only in recent years that Joe and Elena began to sing together, reviving songs by legendary and contemporary folk artists such as Bob Dylan, Everly Brothers, Mary Chapin Carpenter,  Phil Ochs, David Mallet, John Prine, and Steve Gillette - to name but a few.  In 2014, they made their first appearance as Lark Rize with a repertoire that included songs from the contemporary folk genre as well as songs of their own crafting.   Since then, their songwriting has evolved to make up a large portion of their repertoire and brings this story full circle.   Joe’s urban roots, his innate love of story-telling and quirky sense of humor – inherited from his mother some might say – are his main sources of inspiration.   Having grown up on three continents, Elena’s songs are naturally inspired by her cross-cultural upbringing and experiences, ethereal musings, and human sensibilities.  All in all,  the music of Lark Rize reflects a blend of musical and life influences and world views that weaves a rich tapestry.

Since 2014, Lark Rize has been performing at a number of local coffeehouses and music venues in the Washington DC and Frederick areas including the WFMA Showcase and 333 Coffeehouse, and opened for Mustard’s Retreat at the Cellar Stage.    Plans for their first extended play CD are underway.