Lark Rize is an acoustic folk duo frequently complimented for their well-blended vocal harmonies and thoughtful repertoire.   Comprised of Joe on acoustic guitar and Elena on acoustic upright bass, micro-bass, and guitar, this husband and wife team performs a range of insightful original songs as well as select material from the vast contemporary and traditional folk genre.  

Personal stories, human foibles, world views, musical sensitivities - all inspire their original compositions and song selection.  Combining metaphors of nature, urban roots, humor, pathos, and a dash of old fashioned nostalgia, it is music that is true to the heart.


"....the lark at break of day arising......."
Shakespeare, Sonnet 29

What's New?

Hi!   We are working on some new recordings and plan to have our first EP in 2019.   In the meantime, we invite you to sample these music tracks and video below, or check out other samples and videos on our Music and Videos pages.  Thanks for visiting! 

Joe and Elena

This video, completed in  2015, is our tribute to African Elephants whose existence is threatened by poaching for ivory.  For a list of organizations working on Elephant Conservation issues and links, go to the World Elephant Day website at http://worldelephantday.org/associates/resources


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