Lark Rize is an acoustic folk duo frequently complimented for their well-blended vocal harmonies and thoughtful repertoire.   Personal stories, human foibles, world views, musical sensitivities - all inspire their original compositions and song selection.   Combining metaphors of nature, urban roots, introspective musings, humor, pathos, and a dash of old fashioned nostalgia, it is music that is true to the heart.


"....the lark at break of day arising......."
Shakespeare, Sonnet 29

What's New in 2020?

Thanks for visiting our website! If you are wondering when we are playing next, do come back and check out our schedule for the Fall, 2020.  We are currently on a short break from performing while we work on various projects and attend to other responsibilities.  Among our projects is song writing and recording and we hope to have some new music up on our website sometime in the Spring, 2020.  We are also considering greener and sustainable alternatives to our planned CD.  So stay tuned, and thanks again for visiting!


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