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  1. Signals


Signals (by Elena)

They say you’re somewhere out there
Somewhere in the dark of night
Somewhere in the daylight
In the moonlight

They say they’ve seen you hide
Flying low and soaring high
Beyond the stars and out of sight
Before their eyes

They say if we look long enough
We’ll find what we’ve been looking for
In a flicker from another time
A message read between the lines
A hint that maybe you will care
A sign that there is life out there
A thread of hope that we can hold

Perhaps you’re really out there
Not just there but in my space
Across the room and in the faces
In the race

But lines are down and wires corroded
Cables crossed and circuits broken
Signals can’t be decoded (bis)

And if you ventured to come down
Would you take a look around
Could you hear and bear the cries
Beneath those bright and azure skies
Would you know just what went wrong
Could you see what’s to be done
Would you care to shed a light

And if you could what would you say
Or would you have to anyway
Or would I hear the child in me
Full of wonder - say
All is not as it may seem
Life is a mysterious thing
Full of possibilities
If we would only…listen
To those….Signals can’t be decoded